Inundated forests “Båtfors”


Top: Inundation map. Middle: The landscape 1954. Bottom: The landscape 1995.

The mapping of Båtfors, Dalälven in Uppland, comprises two simple vegetation maps and forest age maps from the images in 1954 and 1995, a zoning map, a flood map 1995 (also flooded forests), coverage rates for trees respectively. bushes in 1954 and 1995, and the mapping of coarse deciduous and coniferous trees. The map will be used as the basis for a management plan. Everything is in the same data base; so many questions about change can be answered, the change of the old deciduous forest, change of former hay meadows etc. The Foundation of Uppland was financing the project. Here is a link to the FU description of Båtfors area and county administrative here.
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