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A leaflet map of the sights in an area is at its best a well designed, popularized and preferably comical summary and with specific selected facts. Preferences of design and facts included are preferably discussed in a group where the contractor and people with local knowledge are included. In such a dialogue the importance of the different sights should be discussed to find a unique touch for the specific area. The area can for example be a municipality, national reserve, area for outdoor life or defined area around touristic buildings. Map background (land use map, roads, etc) can normally be acquired at a low price already at the start as is true for part of the other material needed.

The map leaflet consists of a designed simplified map as background with added objects (surfaces, lines and dots) that symbolizes categories you want to show. Texts and images on the map and in the margin further describe and embellish the leaf let. Texts, pictures and drawings can be obtained through the contacts of the discussion group or ordered separately.

NaturGIS AB has specialist knowledge in presenting ecological values but can of course add all kinds of sights and excursion destinations in a leaflet. Many different kinds of object mappings can be completed by NaturGIS. NaturGIS also has the possibility to get texts or parts of texts and illustrations (through personnel or consultants).

The outline can be designed to fit any folding format. During the production of the map NaturGIS can show the present progression printed in a full scale map (verification plot A4 to A0) or send the outline as a JPEG or PDF file. The final result is delivered in a PDF file or EPS document to the costumer for printing. The cost for printing is acquired as a separate bill from the printer where the cost for the alternative both side printing, test printing and desired folding. For advanced folding the printers usually hire special consultants.

“I was imagining a model or fictive design suggestion that could be a model for presentations for you in the future and primarily be used when selling the ideas to different municipalities. Maybe you could stress that it primarily is nature profiles that you are working with, public presentations, the nature resources, other resources and sights in the area, mushroom spots, beautiful lookouts, old forests etc. To these you can add pure touristic sights and historical sights. Your limit is your customer’s imagination!!! Good huh?


Here are some map projects that NaturGIS AB has performed:  

Visitors Guide for Älvkarleby – Älvkarleö

A leaflet of sights and excursion spots within the “waterfall area” in Älvkarleby has been produced for a Leader Plus Group. The leaflet is in the A2 format with double sided printing folded down to A4 format. Both sides are shown here and here.

A printed vegetation map of the Färnebofjärden National Park with backside descriptions

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