Cultural landscape “LimGIS”


LiMGIS is a project led by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Heritage Board, where the cultural landscape and its changes have been studied in 20 parishes in different counties in Sweden. The parishes have been mapped from the IRF (infrared color) – images 1992, 1996 and 2001. To the GIS, map data is added from the jurisdictional districts (the end of 19th century) and all kinds of tables that’s related geographically (about environment, agricultural assistance etc.).

IRF map layers from each year consists of nine map layers for the surfaces of the areas (land use, crop land use, hagmarkskogstyp, humidity, tree stocking, tree type, shrub introversion, buskart and customary), 50 different line item types (avenues, tree rows, shrub rows, headlands, etc., including various attributes for overgrowth degree) and about 80 combined point object types which also overgrowth level are indicated.

LiMGIS- project has resulted in several reports such as:
Evaluation of food policy miljöeffekter.1998. Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, the National Heritage Board (ISBN 91-620-4828-7) and the LIM project’s final report.

Cutout from the congregation “Rytterne” 10 km S Västerås

From left landscape situation in 1992, 1996, 2001

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