River Warbler
Blackthorn a morning in May
Järvafältet (about 15 kilometres north of Stockholm ) is a military training field (from about 1915 to 1960’s). Structures and elements from elder landscape types have been preserved during the 20th century. Old forests are big and wetlands that haven’t been ditched occur. Some access to lime in the glacial mud (transported by ice from the Gulf of Bothnia ’s great lime area) gives lime favoured species possibility to exist. Tommy Löfgren was editor of the survey report: “Nature Survey at the Järvafältet 1977”. The report describes what species occurs, environmental values and gives suggestions for a management plan. Co writers were Ronny Carlsson (birds), Johan Nitare (fungi), Bengt Engström (insects) and Per Lindberg (plants). I participated in the censuses of birds and plants and produced the vegetation map for Järvafältet. The report helped saving northern Järvafältet from being exploited during the great urbanisation wave in the 1970’s and that forestal values has been preserved for the future.

The Järvafältets Ornithological Association (JOK) is now one of the most important guardians of the nature at Järvafältet.

Moose in the “Hall of Pillars”
Oaks in Hansta
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