IALE (International Association of Landscape Ecology) is an important contact organization for NaturGIS business.

In the summer of 2001, the IALE a conference in Estonia-Sweden (http://www.geo.ut.ee/IALE2001/).
It was a very fruitful meeting with large international participation of individuals who have made important works in the landscape ecological area.

Landscape ecology: what is it?
Landscape ecology is the study of spatial variation in the landscape at various scales. It includes the biophysical and social causes and consequences of landscape heterogeneity. Above all, it basically does not stripe interdisciplinary.
The conceptual and theoretical core of landscape ecology connects science and related human disciplines.

Landscape ecology can be portrayed by several of its key themes:
– The spatial pattern or structure of landscapes, from wilderness to urban,
– The relationship between pattern and process in the province,
– The relationship between human activities to landscape patterns, process and change,
– The effect of scale and disruptions to the landscape.

IALE international website is
and nationally in Sweden (Swedish Association for Landscape Ecology)
Swedish IALE accessible via Margareta Ihse +468164789 or margareta.ihse@natgeo.su.se

See also:
http://www.iale.se and http://www.iale-europe.eu

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