Old forests “Vällen”

  Vällen 1945 Vällen 1999 Change
 Summary of statistics Area (hectares) % AREA(ha) % AREA(ha) % of all the area/region % of the occurrence 1945
All Vällen area 6,132            
Sum of forests with trees over 110 years 1,727 28 627 10 -1,100 -18 -64
Sum of adult swamp forests 353 6 260 4 -93 -2 -26
Sum of heaths and graze lands 194 3 19 0 -175 -3 -90
The maps show the distribution of old forests, swamp forests, grasslands and fields during the 1940’s (left) and 1990’s (right). The interpretation was performed in CIR-photos and black and whites. Within this project a similar study was done in the Länna area. As a result the files delivered show the change in area between the time periods. The Foundation of Uppland was financing the project. (See the same study in the Länna – area with larger images.)
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