Florarna 1956 och 1995


FLORARNA – vegetation mapping for analysis of landscape changes from 1956 to 1995

Mapping of the nature reserve Florarna In Uppsala County from CIR photos from 1995 and monochrome aerial photographs from 1956. The database contains 10 map layers; vegtyp 56, vegtypsattribut 56, forest age 56, forest age attribute 56, overgrowing degree of mires 56, vegtyp 95, vegtypsattribut 95, forest age 95, forest age attribute 95, overgrowing degree of mires 95, newly clearings from 1995 to 2000, the low-water vegetation in 2000 and a preliminary nature value assessment. Added to this point and line items in 1956 and 1995 which among other things includes trees and the winter roads in mires in 1956.

Statistics files for all the changes have been developed

General info about Florarna available here and the county administrative board here.

Section of vegetation map
based on black and white images of 1956
Section of orthophoto 1m
resolution developed by IRF images of 1995
Section of vegetation map
based on the IRF images of 1995
Examples of analysis: 1995 years of vegetation shown in a mask for the open mire 1956. Overgrown parts of the mire is apparent; leaves – green and pine needles – Brown Examples of analysis:
A preliminary nature conservation assessment based on a all of the map layers.
The weightings can be discussed and developed further
Legend for the vegetation maps.
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