Mapping Ash


Mapping of Ash in the Vällen area

Mapping of ash in the Vällen area on the mission by the University of Uppsala.

Map results will be compared with the occurrence of the red-listed moss Neckera pennata.

Stocks with hints of ash have been mapped out CIR photos from 1977. The parameters mapped are crown width, tree height and coverage. From this, the mean diameter is estimated to be regarded as having a connection with the moss occurrence.

Stocks have also compared how the IRF from 1999. Statistics have been prepared. One result is that approximately 60% of the stocks that were judged to contain ash in 1977 was felled in 1999.

The results were used by Tord Snäll, Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC) Department of Plant Ecology,

University ofUppsala ( in his essay;

“Snäll, T., Hagström, A., Rudolphi, J. and Rydin, H. Distribution pattern of the epiphyteNeckera pennata on three spatial scales – importance of past landscape structure, connectivity and local conditions”

Blue stands has large crown diameter, yellow small. Stands with yellow margins have high trees, with red lines are Mainly cut after 1977 and with purple margins are the remaining stands with ashen.  
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