Natura 2000 and the Natura 2000 Monitoring in Sweden

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There is a need to explain the arrangement of Natura 2000 and the Natura 2000 Monitoring in Sweden . Here is a translation of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s summary and the final report (in swedish).

NaturGIS AB has mapped Natura 2000 within three projects;
The Färnebofjärden National Park ,
The Koster Area and a test project with forestal Natura 2000 nature types.

Since 2004 has NaturGis AB mapped at least 1 438 protected areas (Nature reserves and Natura 2000 areas), in Bidos – and NNK projects, with a total area of at least 450,000 ha. The items are listed in the linked Excel file

NaturGIS have also made the color settings for computer screen and printing for the nature type that is used in the Natura 2000 Monitoring of Sweden.

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